New Cathedral

"The Lord has done great things for us, And we are glad."
Psalm 126:3

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St. Mina & Pope Kyrillos VI, the cathedral parish of the Diocese of New York & New England, was established in November of 2014. Since its inception at the hand of His Grace Bishop David, the Lord has blessed this parish family and its ministries with an abundance of grace and love.

And now, after six years of preparation, planning and design, through God’s grace on November 25th, 2020 we received the final site plan and subdivision approval to start the second phase of the project and first phase of breaking ground for the building of our new home and the seat of the diocese in Chestnut Ridge, New York.

During this time your spiritual support through prayer and your financial support are crucial to the success of this great endeavor.

Please consider a financial donation or other assistance listed below so we can begin breaking-ground in the next few months and make our dream a reality.

Spread the word and help building a new home to the Lord.

May the Lord Bless and reward you always!

How You can Support the New Cathedral Building Project…

First and foremost, we need your prayers!

Financial Contributions & Donations

In order to make this dream a reality, we need your financial support through donations which you can send to the address below or make online at Checks should be made out to St. Mina & Pope Kyrillos VI Cathedral with ‘Cathedral Building Project’ on the Memo line. As this cathedral will be available to all the parishioners in the diocese and beyond, we ask that each and every member take part in the blessing of donating to this blessed project. Each donation will help and every amount will make a difference so long as we all take part in this immense effort.

Automated Contributions & Pledges

Regular, reliable automated monthly contributions and pledges will act as the backbone of financial support of the cathedral. You can sign up for Automated Monthly Contributions or Pledges in person or by . With the support of a steady monthly income, the cathedral will be able to open its doors and function fully while paying back loans taken to acquire the property. Your monthly contributions through bank account, debit/credit cards, checks, and cash will ensure that there is a sufficient and consistent cash flow to help facilitate all the ministries and activities at the new cathedral.


An additional way you can help is by spreading the word about this special project through referrals. Everyone is invited to take part in the blessing of this project through one or more of the various ways listed above. The arrangement of individual and group presentations by His Grace Bishop David himself as well as the reverend fathers of the cathedral, are available and encouraged for those seeking to attain the blessing of take part in this cathedral project for the purpose of ‘building their heavenly mansion.’

Your help is greatly needed and appreciated in making known the importance and benefit of this new home for our children, youth and congregation as a whole. The new cathedral will touch the lives of so many in a profound manner and everyone’s involvement is necessary to its success.

May Our Good Lord continue to bless this new cathedral building project and the ministry of the diocese for the glory of His name.